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Four-Play, performed by the New Hudson Saxophone Quartet, appears on the album Quartet at the Crossroads: Works for saxophone aurtet by composers of the American Composers Alliance, released on the Ravello imprint of PARMA Recordings.
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Concerto for Trumpet/Flugelhorn and Orchestra has been recorded on the Capstone Records album CPS-8801 entitled Pipes and Drums: New Concertos for Unusual Ensembles. The concerto was commissioned by the Kent Philharmonia for trumpeter Lynn Asper who is featured on the recording. tbr
Chorale Variations for Two Horns and String Orchestra is recorded on Capstone Records, CPS-8627: Tonus Tomis, by the Constanta Symphony Orchestra.
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Seascape, and Landscape... with Grace are both recorded by the Polish Radio National Orchestra and the Kent Philharmonia Orchestra (Grand Rapids), respectively, on Capstone Records, CPS-8634: and the eagle flies....
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Set Pieces, for guitar and harpsichord, published by Acoma/NAMBE Editions.
The Phenomenon of Threes: Trios for Flute, Clarinet and Piano
Released by Innova Recordings, features Richard Brooks' Circular Motions.
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Prelude and Lament, for wind quintet performed by the Memphis Woodwind Quintet and Suite for Percussion performed by the Florida State University Percussion Ensemble.
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Sonata for Violin and Piano recorded by Carroll Glenn and Kenneth Gartner on Record #5, American Society of University Composers Record Series (Advance label); with joint publication in the ASUC Journal of Music Scores, vol. IX.
Sonatina for solo piano performed by Jeffrey Jacob and released on Contemporary American Eclectic Music for the Piano Vol. 9.
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Brooks' Circular Motions on the CD The Phenomenon of Threes: Trios for Flute, Clarinet and Piano

The five works on this disc are nothing like I thought they would be. With the instrumentation of flute, clarinet, and piano, I imagined that the music would be showpieces for the woodwinds while the pianist provided some kind of obligatory backdrop. Instead, I found delightful and engaging chamber music. It is nice when that happens.

Each of the five works has its own sense of fluidity and flow... Richard Brooks' three movement Circular Motions takes the performers through spritely and playful material, keeping everything light and airy the whole time.

The performances on the disc are first-rate. The ensemble has a wonderful sense of blend and a smooth, rich sound overall. The cohesiveness in their playing makes every piece shine, shimmer, and sparkle regardless of compositional language. I can't wait to hear more from them!

—Jay Batzner, Sequenza 21

According to the notes, "The compositions on this disc make an exciting and significant contribution to the repertoire for flute, clarinet, and piano." I doubt there will be throngs of people jumping for joy to learn this, but I am excited to hear new pieces for this combination. It is difficult to find more than silly transcriptions for this trio. A quick search of every university library in Ohio (including several major conservatories and research universities) yields only a short list of music.

I wanted this to be great, and I was not disappointed. There is a little of everything here, from forthright tonality to music based on the Fibonnaci series. It was all written or revised in the last decade. I kept returning to the Brooks - it's heady stuff, but still great fun. The musicians deserve high praise. They play with an ideal blend of passion and precision - just what this music needs. Every aspect of their musicianship - especially their intonation, tone, rhythm, and ensemble balance - is of the highest caliber. I hope we see some of this music on concert programs, and I look forward to hearing more from this outstanding trio.

—Chaffee, American Record Guide