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Catalogue of Works
Date Title Instrumentation
2017 Turnings string trio (violin, viola, cello)
2015 Troubles* alto sax and piano
2013 Swansong Suite* solo English horn
2013 Notes on Gray’s Elegy* solo oboe
2013 Eliot Excerpts*
Opening Eliot
More Eliot
Ending Eliot
sop, b-bar, pa
2013 Piano Sonata no. 2*
2013 Symphony no.2* orchestra
2013 Three for Three* ft., cl. Vla, vc, pno.
2013 String Trio* Violin, viola and cello
2013 Ending Eliot* Soprano, baritone and piano
2013 Improvs* Bass clarinet, bassoon
2013 Into the Twilight* Flute, clarinet, viola, bassoon and piano
2013 Yeats Triptych*
I. The Everlasting Voices
II. To a Squirrel at Kyle-Na-No
III. The Lake Isle of Innisfree
SATB a capella
2013 String Quartet no. 5*
2013 Three for Three* Flute, viola, and string bass
2012 Trio* Violin, viola, and cello
2012 Soliloquy* Solo flute
2012 Quintet* Piano and string quartet
2012 What Goes Around...** Flute and oboe
2012 Sweet Betsy; A Fantasy on an American Folk Song* ft, cl, vln, vc, pa
2012 Lucky Sevens for percussion ensemble (5 players)*  
2010 L'apres-midi d'une Schönberg* Sop, M-sop, ten, Bar, flute, clarinet,violin, cello, piano Libretto: Nancy Bogen
2009 Lamentation** Cello and piano
2009 Impressions, Two Settings of Oscar Wilde* High voice and piano
2009 String Quartet no. 4* 2 violins, viola, cello
2008 Sundays in New York*
Text: Nancy Bogen
A melodrama Narrator (female), alto sax, contrabass, drum set, piano
2008 Five Caprices* Piano
2008 Lyric Piece* Violincello
2008 Lux aeterna*
traditional text, poem by Clifford Hall Jr.
SATB Chorus, Tenor solo, organ
2008 Rondeau per Matthieu* piano
2007 Sonata for Solo Violin*  
2007 Bach-analia* Solo harpsichord
2007 Running Snakes*  4-hand piano
2007 String Quartet No. 3* 2 violins, viola, cello
2007 Five Fainlight Songs* Voice and piano
2007 Sonatina* 
 audio and score
Solo piano
2006 I. LOVE. YOU.*
Text: Manuel Gavales
Clarinet, oboe;
2006 Ballet Music in Two Parts* 2 violoncelli
2006 Sonata for Solo Guitar*  
2006 My Soul’s Satisfaction*
Text: Clifford Hall, Jr.
SATB Chorus and piano;
2005 Incidental Music for “Coeur de Lion, Coeur”*
Text: Nancy Bogen
Clarinet, oboe;
2005 Concerto for Trumpet/Flugelhorn and Orchestra* 2-2-2-2 4-2-2-0 timp, 2 perc, str
2005 Circular Motions*
I. Maelstrom  audio and score
II. In the Eye of the Storm
III. Whirlwind
Flute, clarinet, piano
2005 Petite Suite* 4 Bassoons
2005 Aftermath* Baritone and string quartet
2004 Sonata for Solo Viola* 
 audio and score
2004 Mein Lebenslauf (G. Schoenberg), arr.* Baritone, SATB, flute, clarinet, violin, violoncello, piano
2003 Four Miniatures* Viola, guitar
2003 Shakespearean Sketches* Flute, clarinet, violin, violoncello, piano
2002 American Elegy* String orchestra
2002 String Quartet no. 2*  
audio and score
2 Violins, viola, violoncello
2001 Cassation* Harpsichord, string quartet, percussion
2000 Robert and Hal, opera in 4 acts* (Marcia Elder, librettist)
 view score page
2000 Preludes to Milton's "Paradise Lost" (Bks 1 & 2)*
audio and score
1999 Three Silly Piano Pieces* Solo piano
1998-99 Concerto for Flute & Orchestra* Solo flute, 2222-4221, timpani, perc, strings
1997 Aaron's Jubilee* Solo organ
1996 Hymn to Intellectual Beauty* A cycle of seven songs for high voice and piano
1996 Trilogy, arr.* Percussion, trio (marimba, xylophone/orchestra bells, vibraphone)
1995 Landscape...with Grace*
(Recorded on Capstone Records CPS-8634: "And the Eagle Flies")
2222-4331-timpani, 3 perc, strings
1995 Trilogy (For Ron George's Ballad Console)* Percussion instrument: Marimba, vibraphone, orchestra bells
1995 Freefall* Clarinet solo and chamber orchestra (2222-2220, timpani, 2 per, strings)
1994 Quintet for Oboe (Saxophone) and Strings* Oboe (soprano sax) and string quartet
1993 Song and Dance* Piano and chamber orchestra (2222-2231, timpani, 2 per, strings)
1992 Four-Play*  
audio and score
Soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone
1992 Set Pieces* Guitar and harpsichord
1989 Seascape: Overture to Moby Dick*
(Recorded on Capstone Records CPS-8634: "...and the eagle flies...")
2 Piccolos, 2 English horns, 2 Eb clarinets, 2 bass clarinets, contrabassoon-4331, timpani, 2 per, harp, strings
1987 Moby Dick, opera in 2 acts* (John Richards, librettist) (1988 and 1989 were devoted to the orchestration of Moby Dick, the preparation of a piano-vocal score and the recopying of both.)
1986 Bachatelles* 
  audio and score
Percussion solo (marimba and assorted others)
1986 Jubilate Deo, arr.* SATB, concert band
1986 "As Adam early in the morning": Second of the Whitman Choruses (Walt Whitman, poet)* SATB or TTBB, piano
1986 Divertimento* Brass quintet
1984 Jubilate Deo* (traditional text, recomposition of a student work from c. 1965) SATB, strings, piano
1983 Clarinet Music: Hommage à Debussy* Clarinet solo
1983 Rhapsody* Violin and piano
1982 Fantasy-Impromptu* Piano solo
1982 Trio*  
audio and score
Violin, violoncello, piano
1982 Serenade* Flute, violoncello, piano
1981 Collage* Wind ensemble
1981 Passacaglia for Rapunzel* Flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn, trumpet, trombone
1981 "I am he that aches with amorous love": First of the Whitman Choruses (Walt Whitman, poet)* SATB or TTBB, piano
1980 Invention* Cello solo
1980 Chorale Variations*
(Recorded on Capstone Records CPS-8627: "Tonus Tomis")
2 Horns, solo string quintet, string orchestra
1978 Chorale Variations* 2 Horns
1977-80 Symphony in one Movement* 3222-4331-per(3), strings
1977 The Wishing Tree, operetta* (John Richards, librettist) Young singers, piano
1976 Song Cycle: Last Night I Was the Wind* (J. Peter Bergman, poet) Baritone & wind quintet
1975 Suite for Percussion*
(Recorded on Capstone Records CPS-8601)
5 Percussionists
1973 Sonata* (Recorded on Advance label - ASUC #5) Violin and piano
1971 String Quartet*
1971 Three Haiku* (trans. by Peter Beilenson & Harry Hahn in Haiku Harvest, series IV, Peter Pauper Press) SSA, piano
1970-74 Te deum* (traditional text) SATB, organ, piano, strings, bassoon, percussion
1970 Prelude and Lament*
(Recorded on Capstone Records CPS-8601)
Wind quintet
1970 Piano Piece*
1970 "next to, of course, god" (e.e.cummings, poet)* SATB, piano, brass choir, percussion
1970 Trio* Viola, oboe, piano
1969 Rapunzel, opera in one act (Harold Mason, librettist)[ see also 1981: alternate version for winds] (1111-1110)* S, M-S, T, Br., chorus, orchestra (1111-1110-piano, timpani, strings) piano, percussion
1969 Bacchanal* Orchestra
1967 Two Sancti* (traditional text) SATB, organ
1967 Variations* Piano
1967 Eccosaise* String orchestra
1966 Regina coeli* (traditional text) SATB, brass choir
1966 Movements* String quartet
1965 Rondo Capriccioso* Orchestra, piano
1965 Incidental Music for Elizabeth, the Queen (Maxwell Anderson)* Flute, recorder consort, guitar (lute), 2 trumpets, percussion
1965 Piece for Brass Quintet* 2 trumpets, FH, trombone, tb.
1964 Kyrie eleison (Roman Catholic Mass)* SATB, piano
1963 Ode to the West Wind (Shelley, poet)* SATB, orchestra
1963 Two Settings from Shelley* SATB, wind quartet
1962 Sonata* Piano
1962 Theme and Variations* Piano
1962 Elegy* Orchestra
1961 Usque Quo, Domine (King James Bible)* SATB, piano
1961 Mass in B minor (Anglican Book of Common Prayer)* SATB, piano
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**Performance materials available from Association for the Promotion of New Music. (